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Wicked Weekend Review ~ Wings of Shadow by Sherri A. Wingler


A Spectacular Sequel

by emmy

Wings of Shadow is the second book in the Immortal Sorrows Series by Sherri Wingler and it’s brilliant. It’s the continuation of Izzy and Asher’s story that we met in Wings of Darkness that is also brilliant and a perfect continuation of the series that I hope we get many more books out of.

Wingler sets the action immediately following the end of Wings of Darkness and is set in Hell. Wingler’s take on Hell, reapers, the devil and politics of Hell is one I’ve never read before, and I loved it. Sticking with our no spoiler review policy it’s hard to talk too much about specifics this is a series you need to read for yourself.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was we didn’t get to see too much of a couple characters from Wings of Darkness who were freaking awesome. But I’ve heard from the author that their story will be book three… is book three done yet? I’m waiting not so patiently for it.

Wings of Shadow is amazing but can not be read as a stand alone novel. But that’s okay because the Immortal Sorrows Series is exciting and enjoyable series that I can’t recommend enough.


5 out of 5 quills

5 out of 5 quills


*Beta read


Book Blurb

Mortals never see me in their final moments. Isabel saw me. From the very beginning. She saw me, knew me for the monster I am, and still she loved me. That beautiful, young woman with fire in her blood. I wanted her the moment I laid eyes on her. She was perfect, made just for me by a cruel and merciless twist of Fate. Isabel was my mate and my match, in every way, but loving me destroyed her.

Fate stole my love from me, simply to watch me suffer. Oh, it had cost her, but not nearly enough. A few dead Reapers were nothing compared to what I would do when I found her. The River of the Dead could run red with the blood of the guilty, and it would never be enough. My revenge would be a bitter-sweet thing, for it would never bring my Isabel back to me. Once she faced Judgment, she would be lost to me, forever.
I could not accept that. I would not.

Author’s note: Please be aware that “Wings of Shadow” is book 2 of The Immortal Sorrows series, and cannot be read as a stand-alone book. It is the continuation of Izzy’s and Asher’s story, and takes place directly after the conclusion of book 1, “Wings of Darkness,” which is available now, exclusively through Amazon.
**Contains some violence and strong language**
**Recommended for ages 16+**

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Death comes for everyone eventually, but Izzy Maitland plans to live forever. At nearly eighteen years old, it’s not an unreasonable goal, but Fate has other plans. Izzy has a car accident. A bad one. Suddenly, strange things start happening and her ordinary life is turned upside down. She wakes up tasting blood, more often than not, and her injuries heal at an alarming rate. Her friends and family weaken, and ever yday, Izzy grows stronger. Strangest of all, she seems to have acquired a stalker, and he might be the Angel of Death.

**Note: This book contains some violence and strong language. Recommended for ages 16+.**






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