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Jan 28

Writer-In-Progress ~ T.S. Dann


Welcome to Writer-In-Progress Wednesday with T.S. Dann! T.S. Dann has collected macabre perspectives of life and death since he was very young. An acute imagination combined with vivid, almost abhorrent dreams, his writing perspective combines these two creative veins. Nightmarescape is his first novel in a series which explores a post-apocolypic psychic realm of dreams …

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Dec 13

Wicked Weekend Reviews ~ The Summer Solstice Series: Enchanted by K.K. Allen


Simply Enchanting! by Sherri   I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this debut novel! It’s so well-written, so full of rich description, that it places you right there alongside the main character, Kat, in the strange new world of magic she finds herself in. “The Summer Solstice” has a modern-day fairytale quality …

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Dec 11

Thankful for… New Releases & Contests!

Now available on Amazon!      The Equinox: Book Two of the Summer Solstice Series         by K.K. Allen   Katrina Summer finally comes to terms with her enchanted skin as she is challenged with an evil that threatens the Solstice settlement of Apollo Beach… At a private gathering on Summer Island Kat meets an entire secret …

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Dec 10

Writer-In-Progress ~ K.K. Allen


Welcome to Writer-In-Progress Wednesday with K.K. Allen! K.K. Allen is the Author of the Summer Solstice series. Her debut novel, The Summer Solstice: Enchanted, is now available on Kindle and in paperback. Ms. Allen was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Seattle, Washington. In 2008 she made the bold decision to move to central …

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Nov 27

Thankful for…

NEW RELEASES!!! Bell Eleven: Book One of The Landskapë Saga By Nina J. Lux   “§34.2:1: Anyone found outside premises during Curfew hours will be removed.” Eighteen-year-old Freja Evenson goes about life as well as one can do under the circumstances. That is, when you’re stuck inside the house under a twelve-hour Curfew, when your …

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Nov 26

WIP ~ Nina J. Lux

Nina J. Lux

Welcome to Writer-In-Progress Wednesday With Author Nina J. Lux!   Nina J. Lux is the author of Bell Eleven : Book One of The Landskapë Saga that releases TODAY!!! Nina J. Lux was born in 1989 and started her writing career early in life by creating illustrated stories about villainous apples. Education took her through …

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