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Meet My Character Monday with T.S. Dann & Larry Spectre



Welcome to Meet My Character Monday!

Today we are featuring

Larry Spectre from Nightmarescape

by T.S. Dann!



Larry Spectre

Larry Spectre

 Larry Spectre

“They said it was madness but I thought it was common sense! Someone’s making your life hell? Get rid of them! You’re making your own life hell? Well, then get rid of you! Our benevolent Christian empire didn’t see eye to eye with me on such things.”

Greetings jerks! I’m Larry Spectre! You might’ve seen me toolin’ around the Nightmarescape at some point.

As far as I can tell, I got myself killed sometime around the end of the 1900s and woke up here in this highfalutin afterlife world. Well…it’s the 2010s now. That means I’ve outlasted plenty of clods! You see everyone in this place is somewhat…shall we say…damaged. That puts a lot of nasty dispositions together in close proximity…kind of like being in jail! Consequently, we’re always fighting it out and killing each other.

Recently some strange things have happened…I was out runnin’ around one day when I noticed a guy lying in a field, looking like he’d just appeared after dying in the old world. There were some jerks that were fighting over his body, so I gave em a blast from my good ol’ double barrel and they scattered. There’s something about this guy…I named him Curse because he couldn’t remember his name…which is sort of normal for a lot of new presences here. At any rate, there’s something strange about him…almost seems like we’re kin or something…some sources tell me that there’s a tome floating around appropriately entitled Nightmarescape where people can go read his whole story and a little bit about me too! Right now, I’m trying to help him get his bearings and figure out his story. He relies on me when he wakes up from flashbacks and I’m helpin’ him make sense of it all.

Don’t mind that right now though, we’re getting’ distracted! A little bit about me…well kids I lived during the latter part of the 1800s. Those of us from back then call it the last great time to be alive. We call say it like that cus it was the time to die in the old world and be reborn here! We get all the fancy shenanigans and guns and whatnot that folks from the new days get along with the ability to run crazy all over this fair land. So in effect you see, these are the good old days, right now!

When I was alive, I worked as a druggist physician for some time. I learned much of these trades as a young man performing freelance services during the Civil War days. After a couple decades doing that, I got into the budding field of psychology. I developed certain, shall we say…methodologies not everyone agreed with. See when the hysterics and depressives would come to me, I would just give them that little push over the edge they needed. Hilarity would ensue! Suicides, mass murders, feuds settled in blood! Splendid solutions!

Well in addition to all that, one night, I decided to settle a personal score and shot up a cathouse. The locals didn’t take too kindly to that. I was gonna do something about em, but ended up having an accident with some dynamite instead. That’s what got me where I am today!

You can read more about me and the Nightmarescape by winning your own copy of my book in the giveaway below.

Good luck jerks ~ Larry



The Nightmarescape is a realm constituted of negative psychic energy. It reaches out to damaged souls through their dreams and pulls them in after death.
After dying, Curse reawakens in the dread realm of the Nightmarescape. At first, his recollection of his former life are broken and incomplete. Through a series of painful flashbacks, the details bleed back to him.
During the quest for his memories, he learns that there is a way he can return to the previous world. A path of single-minded bloodshed follows in his wake as he is dragged into an eternal conflict during his search.
The further he goes-and the more he remembers-he begins to realize he may not want to know everything about his grim past.





T.S. Dann

T.S. Dann

T.S. Dann has collected macabre perspectives of life and death since he was very young. An acute imagination combined with vivid, almost abhorrent dreams, his writing perspective combines these two creative veins. Nightmarescape is his first novel in a series which explores a post-apocolypic psychic realm of dreams and death.

In his adopted hometown of Atlanta, T.S. Dann spent five years at Georgia State University earning a dual degree in psychology and sociology. All the while, his vibrant consciousness was on overdrive with all things WWI, combined with human anatomy and the potential beauty of the afterworld.

After graduating college with honors, he spent several years working as a sworn police officer. Dealing with many lost and damaged souls, his time spent on the force proved ripe for his storytelling.

T.S. Dann resides on the outskirts of Atlanta where he works rabidly on the Nightmarescape series. A book of erudite poetry is slated for a late 2015 release.

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    Awesome Bio. I really like him. :)

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